Black Pete Custom Wind On Leader 300lb

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  • For anglers game fishing from small boats or even from bigger boats that are light on for crew, wind-on leaders are definitely the way to fish. They enable a marlin, tuna or shark to be literally wound to the rod tip, where they can be gaffed or tagged without the need for a wireman to manoeuvre them into best position at the side of the boat. There is a real art to making wind-ons that work, and there is nothing more embarrassing than having one fall apart on a fish. This is why their manufacture is best left to the professionals like Black Pete. All Black Pete wind-ons are made on 20 feet of quality Momoi Extra Hard monofilament, not some cheap bulk spool rubbish that's on its way out after just one fish. The Dacron loops are a smooth, 100 per cent connection without the bulk of knots or splices that may otherwise hang up in rod guides. The wind-ons are ready to be rigged directly with a lure or a snap swivel and a handy piece of tubing to prevent it jamming in a rod tip.

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